One of two environmental artworks for King’s Wood, Challock Kent, UK. A simple outdoor sculpture using only earth and water, Its sited on the side of a hill adjacent to one of the main rides.  The excavated earth was full of chalk and flints and was piled and tamped down to form a solid bank about 8 metres in diameter.

The area is rich is archaeological finds including Bronze Age burial mounds at Brabourne, Wye and Broughton Aluph. A Bronze Age disc-shaped barrow was discovered in Crundale and a Medieval dewpond nearby. Whilst working on the 2 art projects I stayed in a hut in the forest.

Included in King's Wood: A Context. Edited by Liz Kent and Sandra Drew Published by Stour Valley Arts. ISBN 09535 3409 x

150 x 800 x 500 cm

Earth, water.


Location: King's Wood near Challock Kent UK

Commission: Stour Valley Arts. Challock. Kent UK.

Awards: Rouse Kent Award for Public Art