Forensic Evidence

Forensic Evidence was first shown at The Serpentine Gallery in London and then at Wolverhampton Art Gallery as part of a 3 room Installation. The Sutton Hoo Burial ship was the starting point for my work for many years and Robert Clarke wrote in the Guardian:

The work started from a fascination with the Sutton Hoo Burial Ship of which not much remained beyond a few rivets and an impression in the sand when it was unearthed in the Thirties. Leventon recreates the sense of ghostly absence by piling up hundreds of scaffolding planks with their ends split and arranged to form a negative mould of a ships hull. In the second room the ship is made from a skeletal structure of tree branches stretched over with a network of glued together x rays and hung from corner to corner like a massive hammock…

It also travelled to the Mappin Gallery In Sheffield and to France.

75 x 240 x 980 cm

Recycled scaffolding boards.