Now & Then

A commission from the Woodland Trust for a new earthwork, with planting, for their flagship Jubilee Woods in Normanton le Heath, Leics UK LE67 2, Grid Reference SK 38721. The piece is interactive and refers to the archaeology of the site. Situated beside the pond it differs from an amphitheatre because it has no parallel seats. Instead it has a walkway that spirals downwards connecting us with the different archaeological layers as we go down into the past, and up again into the light.

I have thought not to import any material, but to just build it in using what’s there already. The 13 English Oaks that will surround it in the future¬†should eventually provide a private sheltered space. There is an inner circle of indigenous natural bushes such as, Wild Privet, Dog Rose, Hazel, Buckthorn, and Hawthorn which were chosen to provide food and shelter for birds.

6 m depth x 64 m diameter

Earth, Oak Trees, Wild Privet, Dog Rose, Hazel, Buckthorn and Hawthorn.


Location: Jubilee Woods, Normanton le Heath, Leicester, UK LE 672.

Commission: Woodland Trust, Arts Council funded.