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Site specific artworks

Rosie Leventon has created site specific artworks for a number of diverse locations. Each site suggests both form and materials for the artworks which are direct responses to their particular environment.

Rosie Leventon's site specific artworks include:

  • site-responsive installation : PERMANENTA site-responsive installation commissioned for the chancel of St John's Church at 20 - 21 Arts Centre in Scunthorpe. Local materials used included: the cherry stones which are the residue from cherries that were first eaten by birds and left in piles on the church roof; swarf used in the making of saucepan scourers was originally made by the Corus Steel Mills that were nearby.
  • suspended artwork : UNDERCURRENTInspired by the West Pier in Brighton which was and still is crumbling into the sea, this suspended artwork was designed to hang from the rafters of the former church that is now Fabrica Gallery. It is made entirely from recycled materials: rope that I found on the shore all round the South coast; human hair which was donated by residents of Brighton.
  • site specific artwork : ABSENTEEA sculpture commission relating to HMS Implacable, a French ship in service at the Battle of Trafalgar, which was made for the dome of the National Maritime Museum. This suspended sculpture is a ghostly recreation of the shape of the historic ship hung in front of its reconstituted stern. Made from hundreds of pieces of glass, linked like chain mail, it shimmered in the shafts of light which shine through the glass dome. Now rehoused in the Queens House, part of of the NMM.

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