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Recycled sculptures

Rosie Leventon uses a wide range of recycled materials in her artwork including paperback books, copper central heating pipes and human hair. This reflects her interest in archaeology and ancient cultures. Sifting through the detritus of daily existence and finding materials which have been used before and in which new meanings may reside. Some work involves looking through and behind the surfaces of modern day living to find something lost or forgotten beneath.

Rosie Leventon's recycled sculptures include:

  • recycled mobile phone art : SUB-TEXTIn the UK customers replace mobiles every 18 months on average and 15 million are discarded per annum. This piece of recycled mobile phone art is constructed using layers of compressed phones with the batteries, sim cards and electronics removed.
  • recycled sculpture: SOMEWHERE A DOOR SLAMMED....This room installation is made from paperbacks, mainly romantic novels formed, brick-like, into a rectangular tower. There are windows on two sides through which people can see the pages of the books have been roughly carved so that they may look a bit like flat pieces of stone or an ancient ruin.
  • gallery intervention : FALSE FLOORThe floor of the gallery was covered with recycled copper briquettes sourced from scrap metal dealers. People were able to walk across it, but only with difficulty, making it an interactive artwork.

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