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Gallery interventions

Several installations Rosie Leventon has made are built into gallery and alternative spaces and invite people to walk over their surfaces or in some case to float unexpectedly on water. Water has great symbolism and metaphorical meaning for most people, and for her it carries much personal significance challenging our tendency to take the ground beneath our feet and the foundations of our society for granted.

Rosie Leventon's gallery interventions include:

  • gallery interventions : FALSE FLOORPart of a series of False Floors, this interactive installation was built in to a large space at MACBA, (Museu d'Arte Contemporaneo) in Barcelona Spain. It was a participatory installation that invited people in to walk on its raked surfaces and to see and hear water gently flowing beneath.
  • interactive installation : MOMENTUM An interactive installation built into a space at Fieldgate Gallery in Whitechapel, east London which invited people to climb - or even roll - up and down its slopes which get larger as they reach the far side. We used recycled floorboards and joists to build it into the room.
  • interactive art : STAIRCASE This is piece of interactive art - Staircase with drawers, filled with water, can be opened and closed - was sited at MODA outsize at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture in Barnet.

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