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floating sculpture

This water installation was built in to a space at Nettie Horn Gallery in Vyner Street, East London. It was an interactive artwork in the sense that people were invited to walk up a steep ramp through a doorway and onto the work which floated in a roomful of water. (It had been designed not to tip up if people crowded to one side.) There were three keyhole-shaped openings on one side which allowed a little water to splash through. It was part of a show called 'et pendant ce temps' which centred on the theme of 'Contemporary Vanitas'.

"Created in the sixteenth century, Vanitas are pictorial representations exploring the triumph of death and the futility of human activities. A theme regularly visited throughout the centuries, what have Vanitas become today? What remains of the philosophical, theological and moral symbols of this baroque model? Freed from their ancestral codes, contemporary or 'secondary' Vanitas still inevitably recall the certainty of death and the passing of time. The exhibition will explore this theme through the revisiting of the classic Vanitas in a non-religious way, to looking at conceptual approaches to the subject and by investigating notions of the classical motif of repetition." - Danielle Horn

Materials: Water, broken recycled floorboards, aluminium.

Dimensions: 20 x 234 x 437 cm

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